Ozone is delighted to announce full support for the OBIE Read/Write API Specification v3.0. This includes the following enhancements:

  • Upgrade to Account and Transaction API v3.0
  • Upgrade to Payment Initiation API v3.0
  • Upgrade to Confirmation of Funds API v3.0
  • Upgrade to Event Notification API v3.0
  • Full support for headless multi-auth flows
  • New logging functionality for developers
  • Support for “headless authentication” to support unattended test automation
  • New postman collections
  • Additional test data for all account types in GBP and Euro covering new Account & Transaction APIs.

This release retains backward compatibility for all previous published versions of the OBIE API specifications and security profile.

Please contact us at https://ozoneapi.com/contact/ to see how the Ozone Sandbox can be used as your PSD2 testing facility.