The Ozone API platform

Handling the complexity of open banking

APIs have been a core part of many banks’ technology stacks for years, but providing interfaces in a truly open ecosystem creates some new and significant challenges.

The Ozone API is a specialist technology platform which helps banks and financial institutions deliver high performing, standards based open APIs quickly, with a low cost of ownership and all the tools to handle the complexities of open banking, thereby accelerating innovation, customer and revenue growth.

Ozone Platform

Great developer experience

Rich API documentation, a fully transactional sandbox (which exactly replicates the production API, but with sample customer accounts and data) and sample code (including Postman collections).

Documentation and training wheels ensure a great developer experience which accelerates third party development and reduces the bank’s support overhead.


Automated third party management

Tools to automate onboarding (using Dynamic Client Registration) with third party certificate based verification, via integration into relevant trust frameworks (e.g. eIDAS) and market directories (e.g. OBIE and Konsentus).

Automates the management of third party connectivity efficiently and securely, reducing the complexity and risk of manual processes.


Fine grained consent management

Fully integrated, fine grained consent management module which allows the end customer to easily set up, view and revoke consent.

Provides the highest levels of security while enabling a great user experience, with full transparency and control for the customers, supporting the delivery of regulatory and premium use cases.


Full support for all major standards

Fully conformant to major global standards, including the OpenID Foundation’s FAPI and CIBA security profiles, as well as emerging common open banking API standards (such as OBIE, FDX and Berlin Group).

Enables banks to easily expose the right standards to meet market expectations, with future version updates guaranteed.


Admin interface

Web and CLI tools to manage all system parameters, sandbox reference data, with access to log files and a full suite of reports.

Makes it easy for banks to configure and control all aspects of the Ozone API, including real time reporting of availability and performance to meet regulatory and business requirements.

Flexible deployment options

The Ozone API can be deployed in a number of models to meet the needs of different banks and financial institutions, all designed to make implementation faster, cheaper, highly performant and scalable.


Ozone Hub

The lowest cost, turnkey approach utilising a multi tenant hosting environment.


Managed Service

A fully managed Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) AWS environment dedicated to each client.


Self Hosted

Ozone provides software and implementation support but the client hosts in their own private cloud or on-premise environment.

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