Meet the team
Our Mission

We believe that open finance and open data will change the world.

Our mission is to combine deep expertise and standards compliant technology to shape and unlock that potential.

We’re pioneers in opening banking

We have the open API technology and expertise to shape the open data economy. We enable the enablers to unlock the power of open finance and deliver real commercial growth, innovation and positive change in society. And we want to ensure this is built on strong foundations.

Our purpose is to provide solid foundations to unlock the power of open data and change the world.

How it all began

The three founders of Ozone API helped create the open banking blueprint in the UK. Leading the development of the UK open banking standard and driving the development of the ecosystem.

We saw the huge potential, but also the difficulties faced by banks in doing it well. So we created Ozone API.

We know the standards space better than anyone and continue to shape the development of standards around the world.

How we work

Respect, innovation and collaboration are our core values that guide everything that we do. They’re more than words. We live and breathe them everyday.

We lead by example

Open finance is changing the world, and we’re at the cutting edge of developing frameworks and standards to make this possible.

We deliver enabling technology

We provide foundations to enable regulators and financial service companies to drive this change.

We do right

Even when it’s not easy, we do the right thing for our people, partners and customers, and for markets and citizens around the world.

Powered by our global team

Our diverse and global team is at the heart of our ongoing success and the growth of Ozone API.

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Ozone API is an active contributing member of the following standard bodies and trade associations: