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The most advanced open finance API platform in the world. The Ozone API easily enables any bank or financial institution to quickly deliver open APIs to meet regulatory requirements, provide a great user experience and turn open banking into a profitable commercial channel.

Support all global standards

We lead the development of open banking standards around the world and this expertise means Ozone API Platform is the most complete platform. The Ozone API Platform supports all global open banking standards ensuring you have access to the richest functionality and always comply with your standards of choice. Guaranteed real time updates ensures that you’re always compliant with the latest standards.

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Compliance in weeks not months

From navigating regulatory frameworks to ensuring robust security measures, our solution streamlines your compliance, mitigates risks, and enhances operational efficiency. Seamlessly integrate with our simple deployment tools, ensuring swift implementation for any bank and compatible with any bank technology stack. Become compliant in weeks, not months.

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Best in class performance

Our platform sets the standard for performance, with highly efficient code and a minimal footprint. It’s engineered to auto-scale, ensuring fast and reliable open API delivery. With our focus on scalability and low latency, users benefit from seamless integration and consistent uptime, making it an optimal choice for businesses prioritising speed and reliability.

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Secure to the core

The Ozone Platform is designed to ensure the highest levels of security, industry leading performance and conformance to best in class industry standards. ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified, our platform also supports all versions of the Financial Grade API (FAPI) standards. We are the global experts and our dedication to compliance and security makes us 
a trusted industry leader and ensures unmatched security and reliability for our clients and partners.

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Beyond compliance

Whether it’s exploring new profitable channels, enhancing customer experiences, or driving innovation with an extensive API catalogue delivering APIs that can be monetised or enable embedded finance. Elevate your business with access to cutting-edge technology and customisable commercial solutions.

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Discover the building blocks that power the Ozone API Platform, driving seamless compliance and beyond and accelerating our partners to become the enablers of open finance

Resource Server

  • Supports all global open banking standards (e.g. OBIE UK, Berlin Group, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, CDR, FDX etc.)
  • Continually updated with new standards and versions
  • Flexible for integrating both standard and custom APIs

Consent Manager

  • Powering fine grained consent and orchestrating complete end to end consent management
  • Enabling easy integration with existing customer facing channels to deliver a great user experience and complete control to grant, view and revoke consent

Admin portal

  • Delivering all of the tools for effective management of the API channel
  • Ensures seamless oversight and management of your open APIs

Developer Portal

  • White label web interface with 
the tools to ensure you deliver 
a great developer experience
  • Providing onboarding guidances, API specs, sample code and FAQs
  • With the tools to help third parties seamlessly connect to both sandbox and production APIs

Consent App

  • A standalone, turnkey authorization application for iOS and Android
  • Enables biometric-based SCA and consent management for seamless banking connectivity

Ozone Sandbox

  • A direct replica of the production APIs with life-like rich synthetic data to simulate real bank behaviour
  • Allows third parties to test their apps to ensure compliance before launch into production

Ozone Verify

  • Ensuring secure, trusted and automated onboarding and management of third parties
  • Registration, real time TPP certificate validation and regulatory checks
  • Integrates with market directories (e.g. Brazil, OBIE)

Authorisation Server

  • Supports FAPI 2.0 and all other FAPI versions
    Securely manages account information and payment initiation consents
  • Ensures data disclosure and payment initiation only when authorised by the user

Ozone Connect

  • Ensuring simple and fast integration with any banking technology stack
  • Simplifies account information and payment initiation requests with universal response and request structures across global API standards.

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