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Banks, Financial Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions

The Ozone API helps banks around the world deliver high performing open banking APIs that conform with the right standards for the market to comply and go beyond.

Tide understands that SMEs do much of their financial management within their cloud accounting and other platforms. So great APIs are critical and need to go beyond merely complying with regulation (PSD2).

Ozone API powers Tide’s open banking APIs, used by hundreds of thousands of business customers to connect their Tide accounts with the platforms they depend on to run their businesses.

Keebo is helping customers access credit in innovative new ways and in doing so build their credit rating.They needed to quickly and simply comply with PSD2 and selected Ozone API to help them do so.

They have an incredible engineering team but recognised  the importance of partnering with a specialist to take away the complexity of open banking and allow them to focus on building their platform.

Market Enablers & Partners

Open banking and open finance are transforming the industry and many major technology businesses are developing strategies to be the enablers in this new world.

Ozone API brings technology and expertise to help our partners unlock this opportunity. We enable the enablers.

Since 2020, Open Finance has been changing the financial services industry in Brazil. Tecban is already a major enabler of the banking industry and saw open finance as an area where they could help the industry adapt and thrive in this new world.

The Ozone API is powering TecBan’s open finance hub and helping banks and financial institutions deliver high performing API that comply with regulations and deliver the tools to go beyond.

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