The Ozone API

Feature rich, modular software

The Ozone API is a specialist software application which helps banks and financial institutions (account providers) deliver high performing, standards based open APIs quickly, with a low cost of ownership and all the tools to handle the complexities of open banking and open finance.

It has been designed from the ground up to help account providers achieve near instant compliance to open banking / open finance regulations in almost any market. It also enables Third Party Provider (TPP) developers to connect their applications instantly and seamlessly, thereby accelerating innovation and supporting profitable partnerships which deliver customer and revenue growth.

The Ozone API comprises a number of modules, which are designed to work seamlessly together to deliver an open banking solution ‘out of the box’ or which can be integrated with any account provider’s existing technology.

Developer Portal

Rich API specifications and documentation, including onboarding and usage instructions, FAQs, and ‘training wheels’ (sample code and Postman collections). Typically acts as the starting point for TPP developers.

TPP Connect

Full support for easy TPP onboarding via Dynamic Client Registration, using software statements and real-time validation of certificates and regulatory permissions. Fully integrated into relevant market directory services (e.g. OBIE Directory, Konsentus, Preta).

Bank Connect

Library of connectors which map an account provider’s existing APIs, feeds and/or web services to the Ozone Resource Server and integrate the account provider’s existing authentication service/server to the Ozone Authorization Server.

Consent Manager

Comprehensive management of all end customer consents, supporting fine-grained authorisation and revocation. Includes APIs to support access dashboards, therefore enabling end customers to maintain full transparency and control of TPP access as defined by the relevant API standard.

Authorization Server

Fully compliant with (and certified to) the OpenID Foundation’s Financial Grade API (FAPI) profile, covering redirect, app to app and decoupled flows, with full support for both access and refresh tokens.

Resource Server

Full support for all mandatory and optional PSD2 (AIS, PIS and CBPII) use cases and data models in the OBIE and Berlin Group standards. Full support for FDX, Brasil, Bahrain and Mexico standards. Will be first to update to any new versions of these standards. Can easily be extended to cover any other published or bespoke API standard.


Exact replica of the production API, which contains a rich set of life-like, fully transactional synthetic data, covering sample products, customers and accounts. Meets all PSD2 requirements for a ‘testing facility’, enabling developers to build and test their applications without accessing real customer data.

Admin Panel

Easy to use web based admin panel which can be localized in any language, branded to any partner or bank and allows configuration and management of system parameters, certificates, TPP black/white listing and sandbox sample data.

Report Writer

Powerful built-in report writer which gives access to all application and infrastructure logs and includes a library of ‘canned’ reporting and alerts to meet both regulatory and commercial reporting requirements, including usage and billing reports.

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