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Liechtenstein is a western European principality located between Switzerland and Austria. It is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Open Banking is still in the early stages in Liechtenstein. 

According to Kepios, 99% of the population of Liechtenstein had access to the internet as of 2022.

There is no regulation around Open Banking yet in Liechtenstein.

Open Banking is still in its infant stages in Liechtenstein. As Liechtenstein is a member of the EEA, general EU regulations and directives, such as PSD2 apply there.
There is no regulatory sandbox or government regulation regarding the technology yet in Liechtenstein.

However, the Liechtenstein government has invested time and effort in drafting the Blockchain Act, which aims to enhance legal certainty within this space. It is anticipated that this will incentivise the development of blockchain projects by default.

15 Fintech startups operate in Liechtenstein. The Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein is drafting a regulatory framework for Fintechs.

Being part of the EEA, represents an advantage for start-ups based in Liechtenstein as they benefit from the EU passport, a system allowing providers of financial services already licensed in the EEA to offer their services in other EEA countries (and, thus, including the EU) without additional approval requirements.

Software and applications developers and analysts are among the top three vacancies for occupations which are considered to be in short supply.

Although, there is no regulatory sandbox around Open Banking yet in Liechtenstein, the Financial Market Authority (FMA) has a department dedicated exclusively to Fintech inquiries.