Ozone API and CLOWD9 Announce Strategic Partnership in Open Banking

London, UK, 30 January 2024

Ozone API and CLOWD9 are delighted to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining CLOWD9’s industry leading payments processing platform with Ozone API’s world class open banking services creating a powerful synergy in the financial industry.

Ozone API; a UK-based fintech, specializes in helping banks and financial institutions adapt to new innovations in open banking. The Ozone API platform enables banks anywhere in the world to deliver standards compliant open banking APIs and to move beyond compliance and convert their APIs into more strategic and commercial channels. Their expertise makes them an ideal partner for CLOWD9.

The primary purpose of the partnership is to offer additional services to clients and prospects. CLOWD9’s industry-leading payments processing platform combined with Ozone API’s expertise in open banking will enable the two companies to address the unique needs and challenges faced by financial institutions and provide tailored solutions to drive growth and success.

Both Ozone API and CLOWD9 are excited about the opportunities that this partnership brings. By combining their strengths, they can create a seamless and comprehensive ecosystem that empowers banks and financial institutions to thrive in the new world of open finance. Together, they aim to revolutionize the industry and drive innovation that benefits both industry players and investors.

Huw Davies, Co-founder and CEO at Ozone API, commented “The team at CLOWD9 have delivered an incredible cloud-based payments platform to power innovation for their customers. We’re delighted to be partnering to combine our world beating open finance API platform with the CLOWD9 technology stack. Together we can help banks adapt and thrive in the new world of open finance.”

Suresh Vaghjiani, CEO at CLOWD9, added: “Our customers choose CLOWD9, knowing that our platform has been designed specifically from inception to maximise all the advantages that the cloud brings, it is for this reason that we only partner with companies that provide best in class services. We are proud to be working with Ozone API as a technology leader in open banking. Ozone API empowers banks and financial institutions to adapt and thrive in the new

world of open finance. Together we provide technology that delivers compliant open APIs and goes beyond, to monetize issuer processing and open banking globally.”

About Ozone API

Ozone API empowers banks and financial institutions to adapt and thrive in the new world of open data, by providing the technology to unlock the power of open finance and change the world.
The UK-based fintech provides the leading standards-based open API platform, supporting all global standards and providing the tools and expertise to help banks and financial institutions create real commercial value. With a founding team that led the development of the UK open banking standards, Ozone API continues to shape global open finance helping regulators, banks and technology platforms to accelerate open finance.

About CLOWD9

CLOWD9 Ltd. is the world’s first cloud native, decentralised payments processing platform. Born in the cloud, the platform delivers uncompromising, limitless payments technology around the globe. Founded in the UK by authoritative payments experts and advised by finance executives and entrepreneurs, CLOWD9 processes payments for traditional banks, neo banks and fintechs. Its platform architecture is global by design, allowing it to scale at speed, quickly establish in new markets and service regional payment preferences across traditional card, bank transfers, QR codes, biometrics or cryptocurrency.

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