Ozone API Sandbox

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The market enabler

The Ozone API Sandbox is a full feature implementation of the Ozone API but, rather than connecting to a live bank, it comes pre-configured with one or more ‘model banks’.

Each model bank simulates a real bank or financial institution and comes with a full API set in line with the relevant open banking or open finance standard.

The developer portal includes comprehensive documentation, test scripts and sample code, in the form of postman collections and a sample TPP application.

Here are some of the benefits of the Ozone API Sandbox

For Central Banks and Regulators

Ecosystem enabler

Delivers a central market sandbox and innovation hub to act as a reference implementation for local standards and regulation

Global standards

Can be delivered as a global / multi standards sandbox to help understand and compare different global standards

Conformance tools

Comes with a portfolio of conformance testing and certification tools

Quick implementation

Significantly speeds up 
the implementation of open banking and open finance in the market

For Banks & FIs


Enables testing new API functionality with TPPs before exposing access to real customer accounts


Fully meets any regulatory requirements for a ‘testing facility’

Versatile Platform

Is an ideal platform for hackathons and ecosystem engagement

Fast testing

Speeds up the testing commercial propositions and development of commercial partnerships

For Partners

Act First

Provides a platform for market makers to move first and deliver real open banking solutions

Support Sales

Acts as a reference platform to support sales activity

Versatile Platform

Is an ideal platform for hackathons and ecosystem engagement

Build & Demo

Provides a platform to build and demonstrate additional value adding open banking propositions

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