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Employee spotlight: Jessica Kulkarni 

As part of our new Employee Spotlight series, we’re excited to chat to Ozone API employees from various departments and countries around the globe. This series aims to give you a closer look at the diverse and talented individuals who make our company thrive.

From colleagues in our product team to our sales managers, in each article we’ll be posing eight questions to a different team member. Join us as we celebrate the people who drive our success and make Ozone API a great place to work.

This time we’re featuring Jessica Kulkarni, Ozone API’s Office Administrator. Jessica is based in our Pune office and has been with us for over 2 years!


What is a project or accomplishment that you’re proud of?

I am proud of everything I have achieved in the last two years, from struggling to learn the financial accounting system to making sure the organisation was following all statutory compliances and getting a vendor management system in place.

The role in this organisation was new to me and not exactly a typical office admin role. Being a startup company, it is basically a job to manage many different tasks, from ground level. Looking back, every task over the last 2 years was an accomplishment.

Do you have any hobbies?

Travelling, socialising and meeting new people, learning new cultures and traditions, and watching movies in theatres.

What is your favourite book/movie/TV show?

My favourite movie is a Hindi film called KKKG (you guess the name), and Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent are my go to TV shows.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

To be able to speed travel, and to touch and heal anyone with mental issues.

What’s your favourite quote or motto?

Whatever happens, happens for the best!

If you could switch jobs with anyone in the company for a day, who would it be and why?

No-one….I love my job profile. Always learning new things.

What is one goal you’re currently working towards?

Officially, my short term goal is to get the new office sorted out and ready to move into. Personally, my long term goal is to make enough money to travel the country and globe, and to keep healthy.

How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

Approachable, helpful, disciplined and efficient (hopefully).


Check out our Meet the Team series on YouTube, and keep an eye out for our next Employee Spotlight feature on our blog! If you’re interested in joining the team, you can find our open vacancies here.

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