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Company Culture

What it’s really like to work remotely in a global business

At Ozone API, we adopted remote working from the outset and our colleagues are scattered across the globe, with some working in parts of the world where no other colleagues are based. Company culture is a big priority for us and so It got us wondering, what is it really like working like this? Does … Read more

Ozone API
31, Aug 2023
Community with various culture and race differences vector illustration. Integration and friendly solidarity for all groups
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Why shaping Ozone API’s company culture is so central to who we are and what we’re learning along the way

Ozone API’s Head of Marketing, Katie Hayes, writes about how shaping we’re shaping our company culture and what we’re learning along the way.

Katie Hayes
14, Aug 2023
Company Culture

How to build a winning team and nurture an inclusive company culture

Here are some tips that fintech start-ups, and indeed other nascent companies, can adopt when it comes to identifying, attracting and retaining talent in these difficult times.

Katie Hayes
30, Mar 2023
Company Culture

Q&A with Navneet Karnani: Ozone API’s Mentorship & Internship Program in India

We spoke to Navneet Karnani, Head of Engineering at Ozone API, about the mentorship and internship program he started earlier this year.
As the first official team member in India, he shares his journey from working through the COVID-19 pandemic to the exciting growth trajectory of the India office and the next generation of Ozonians.

Katie Hayes
22, Aug 2022
Company Culture

Why flexible working and WFH works for Ozone API

At Ozone API we’ve had a flexible working approach from day one. We asked our fellow Ozonians to share their experiences of flexible working and the benefits of working from home (WFH) and this is what they had to say.

Katie Hayes
04, Jul 2022
Company Culture

Meet Isla Humphreys, Project Manager at Ozone API

Isla Humphreys was one of the first UK team members at Ozone API. She makes things happen and has been integral to the company’s growth across marketing, operations, DevOps and HR. Isla is excited about what’s to come for the business and her career as a Project Manager.

Katie Hayes
25, May 2022