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Team Ozone API travel 2,918km to fundraise for financial education

2,918km is rather far isn’t it? For the last 7 weeks a team from Ozone API have jointly travelled that distance for a charity fundraiser. The objective was to actually only cover the distance from John O’Groats to Lands End virtually, which is 970km. Two weeks into the challenge, and between the running, cycling and walking, they smashed through that distance. So they took on a second lap. And then a third. Sunday 19th May came around and the team finished their 7 week challenge, completing a mighty distance of 2,918km. 

Why did they do it?

Ozone API are members of the 2025 Fintech Pledge, an incentive to bring together the fintech industry to help UK consumers build up their financial resilience and better protect against the rising cost of living. 

As part of our pledge to have a positive impact on financial wellbeing across the UK, we chose to raise funds for The Money Charity, the UK’s leading financial education charity providing financial wellbeing workshops in schools, the wider community, challenged groups and workplaces.

Who are the funds going to help?

The Money Charity have a brilliant initiative called The Student Money Manual, a guide to student finance, which the money we raised will support. Here’s what The Money Charity say about the initiative:

“The Student Money Manual is the essential guide to student finance and managing money at university. It is aimed mainly at post-16/college students considering going to uni as well as first-year students, but is relevant for all undergraduates.

It covers everything from budgeting to student finance and fees to making your money stretch further as a student. Each year The Student Money Manual reaches thousands of young people and their families, equipping them with the skills, confidence and knowledge to manage their money well throughout their university life. It’s the trusted resource for parents, educators and students about student finance and budgeting at university.

It’s updated annually each year to ensure information is relevant and accurate and it provides information on the student finance package and managing money at university at a pivotal point for students. As it is often read by parents, it encourages conversations about money between parents and young people. The 2023-24 Manual is available for free as an interactive download here.”

How much was raised?

We’re thrilled to have raised over £1,000 through the generosity of friends, family and colleagues. Ozone API have kindly donated £500 as part of a charitable funds matching programme. We’d like to extend our gratitude to those who supported our fundraiser.

We spoke to Claire Seydoux, Ozone API’s Strategic Partnership Lead who organised the fundraiser, here’s what she said: 

“I’ve loved every part of organising this fundraiser with The Money Charity; financial wellbeing is such an important cause and the enthusiastic participation across the Ozone API team has been exemplary and a great deal of fun. When I first joined Ozone API, I was really taken by our mantra ‘We are one team, in it for the thrill of the journey’. That really shone through during this fundraising event.”

The Money Charity fundraiser 2024 participants: Claire Seydoux, Huw Davies, James Bushby, Tricia Rogers, Raed Alamir, Isla Humphreys, Will Pepper, Shannon Dudley, Carol Heath, Chris Austin, Chris Michael, David Plews, Dhwanil Vasani, Esha Agarwal, Freddi Gyara, Gaurav Jassal, Katie Hayes, Meg Siapno Gan, Rajesh Chawan, Richard Beeston, Shreyansh Bhardwaj, Vaibhav Billore, Warren Handley, Jessica Kulkarni, Suzanne Cork, Andrei Degteariov, Bhawna Kalra, Sohil Jadhav, Stanislav Scaletchi and Fabian Veloza.

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