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Why flexible working and WFH works for Ozone API

At Ozone API we’ve had a flexible working approach from day one, which means working well together remotely has always been the norm. When we do get together it’s special! We arrive with the intention of being together, not just because we need to be in an office environment.

Our team of 43 (and growing) is central to the success of the business and we want to ensure that everyone is empowered to work in an optimum environment. Everyone at Ozone API adopts a flexible working routine and is set up with the right equipment in their home office or co-working space. As we scale at pace, we strive to build and nurture a healthy company culture and continuously identify what we can do better to support our global team. 

In the Gartner 2021 Digital Worker Experience Survey, 43% of respondents said that flexible working hours helped them achieve more productivity, and 30% of those surveyed said that less or no time commuting allowed them to be more productive. – Forbes

This rings true when we asked our fellow Ozonians to share their experiences of flexible working and the benefits of working from home (WFH):

What do you like most about having a flexible working routine?

Having spent years commuting 4 hours a day to London, a more flexible approach means I can be so much more productive. I can get a lot more done work wise, be smart about my choices around when I am being most productive versus fairly useless and I can enjoy life more. During the week I get out and run most days, I’ve been able to spend more time with my kids (driving practice during the week has been a thing) and have time to just do more. More of everything!

– Huw Davies, Co-founder & CEO

Ozone API understands that by placing trust in its employees and giving them the flexibility to manage their own workloads in a way that works for them, that there is a direct and positive correlation in terms of wellbeing and productivity.

– Jessica Kulkarni, Office Administrator

I enjoy having more control over my time schedule. I am not looking at the clock to finish the day, rather focusing on delivering the quality work at a time that works for myself and Ozone API.

– Gaurav Jassal, Software Engineer

The Leadership team at Ozone API is extremely approachable, very fair and they treat us like adults. We all work extremely hard and, every now and then, if we need to take time out and make it up later, it’s perfectly fine. This approach is hugely beneficial to my work / life balance.

– Isla Humphreys, Project Manager

I am able to manage my additional studies along with some college work while staying on top of my Ozone API work.

– Ayush Thakur, Intern

My days are long, and I love that when the hours get impossible, I can squeeze in a late afternoon / early evening snooze; feel refreshed and get back in the game.

– Freddi Gyara, Co-founder & CTO

It’s really helpful that Ozone actively encourage finding work patterns that best suite one’s circumstances.

– Julian Coombes, Software Engineer

The quality of life fostered by the absence of the stress created by the “office hours” vs “personal/family time” conflict.  I never had any issues in working extra office hours when a project demanded it, but “the other way around” wasn’t always available (that “guilty” feeling by leaving office early for a school presentation or a medical appointment).  It is really great to work for a company that really embraces this culture by simply trusting it’s people.

– Fabio Caldeira, General Manager for LATAM

What benefits do you enjoy when working from home?

I believe working from home gives you a better work life balance as you have the flexibility to get important personal tasks done when needed within ‘typical’ working hours.

– James Bushby, General Manager for UK, Europe & North America

WFH at Ozone API has provided me with the opportunity to restart my career along with balancing my family life. The WFH option has been a game-changer for working mothers who are career oriented.

– Isla Humphreys, Project Manager

Everyone from the top of the organisation downwards does it, so there is an understanding of how WFH should work. There is no sense that WFH is a skive. I save so much time by skipping the commute and it means I don’t feel guilty going to the dentist!

– Richard Beeston, CFO

Flexible working and WFH enables me to work to my strengths by planning focus hours when I’m ‘in my flow’, uninterrupted and most productive. If I don’t have calls scheduled and my productivity has dwindled, I can take a break to do a load of laundry, feed the cats, water my plants or swim some laps before returning to my desk with a fresh mind.

– Katie Hayes, Head of Marketing

Ozone API has supplied my full “work from home” equipment, so I can be comfortable. This helps on days that I need to be home, or when my health demands I take rest between rounds of work.

– Navneet Karnani, Head of Engineering

I don’t waste time doing a daily commute and I can enjoy comfort, privacy, flexibility and lunch dates with Mrs G at home.

– Freddi Gyara, Co-founder & CTO

Recently, I’ve taken up running again and love to go out for a run during my lunch break. It helps me clear my head for my demanding project management role. I also love having a fridge full of lovely healthy food and making my lunch myself instead of buying it out.

– Dushyant Sharma, Senior Project Manager

Family first

I used to hate the idea of working from home (being a massive extrovert), but the reality is I now love it. I am way more productive. There is less dead time travelling, I’m less tired from the commute and I can be way smarter when I’m feeling most productive. Mostly though it means I’ve been able to spend more time with my sons.

– Huw Davies, Co-founder & CEO

My family is important to me – and being able to squeeze in additional hours with my teenagers and wife – be it pampering them with school drops, being around when they get home, making time for my hobbies (music) – is a huge perk.

– Freddi Gyara, Co-founder & CTO

I love that I can be part of my family’s daily routine (food breaks) and still be at work. It gives me a good “get out of work mood”, and helps my productivity.

– Richard Beeston, CFO

Ozone API gives me total flexibility to achieve my work goals and understands when life gets in the way (caring for my husband and managing hospital visits).

– Carol Heath, Partnerships Manager

WFH at Ozone API has provided me with the opportunity to restart my career along with balancing my family life. The WFH option has been a game-changer for working mothers who are career oriented.

– Isla Humphreys, Project Manager

There is huge value in meeting in-person and working collaboratively. At Ozone API we strike a balance so that our global team is supported to be their best at work and in their personal lives. As we continue to scale at pace, it’s important that we find ways to ensure our employees feel connected with one another and enabled to thrive. One thing is for certain, we’ll continue our flexible working routine so that everyone can juggle work and life comfortably.

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