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Open Banking Excellence, PIF and Ozone to assess the state of the nation on open banking readiness

Open Banking Excellence, PIF and Ozone have come together to undertake a state of the nation survey in order to better understand the views among financial institutions and offer valuable insight into the open banking readiness of smaller players.

Ozone API
24, Jul 2020

Open banking in Brazil gets real with TecBan hackathon

Ozone API’s fully functional sandbox to be used in TecBan’s hackathon this weekend, allowing developers, banks and third parties to test their ideas by bringing them to life.

Ozone API
23, Jul 2020

Ozone API partners with Konsentus to accelerate open banking

Ozone API are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Konsentus to deliver an end to end solution accelerating PSD2 open banking adoption.

Ozone API
22, Jul 2020
Ecosystem Collaboration: Open banking encourages collaboration between traditional financial institutions and new fintech players
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Open Banking 2.0: What’s next for Open Banking

Open Banking 2.0: What will be the first premium APIs?

Ozone API
20, Jul 2020
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Connect to your Tide account in under 1 minute

See how the Ozone API helps Tide Bank enable a fast and secure open banking connection.

Ozone API
25, May 2020

TecBan and Ozone bring open banking to Brazil

Ozone API, the leading standards based open API platform, has extended its global open banking sandbox to Brazil.

Ozone API
15, May 2020

Report: Unleashing the potential of open banking

Ozone co-founder authors major new white paper from the Emerging Payments Association titled “Unleashing the potential of open banking”

Ozone API
28, Apr 2020

What will unlock open banking?

Last night, I was delighted to host a panel at Open Banking Excellence, entitled “What will unlock open banking?” It was a great panel and a fantastic discussion – see my introduction below: For more information about Open Banking Excellence, please visit:

Chris Michael
17, Jan 2020
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Account providers, are you ready for 14 March?

The Ozone Sandbox is a cloud platform designed to help any ASPSP meet their PSD2 requirements for a testing facility. It is standards compliant, widely used, and can be setup in a matter of days – in time to meet the 14 March deadline.

Ozone API
03, Feb 2019