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Q1 reflections on the 2023 predictions

We have officially reached Q2 of the year and as we move away from what has been a particularly bleak winter in Fintech, Ozone API’s co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer Huw Davies reflects on the 2023 predictions he made at the start of the year. 1. Banks will continue to open up This is certainly…

Ozone API
03, Apr 2023
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The Status of Open Finance in Latin America

Explore the current state of Open Finance in Latin America.

Ozone API
22, Mar 2023

Strong bases set out a clear path for Brazil to take the lead in Open Finance globally

Ozone APIs’s General Manager for Latin America, Fabio Caldeira, highlights the Brazilian Central Bank’s essential role for the local initiative which has evolved so much in two years and reinforces the importance of Brazil positioning itself as a global leader

Ozone API
06, Feb 2023
Building The World’s First Open Banking Standard

Lessons from building the world’s first Open Banking Standard

Open banking is now five years old in the UK. To mark this important anniversary, the founders of Ozone API reflect on their leading role in building a standard that became a blueprint for ecosystems around the world.

Ozone API
20, Jan 2023

Enabling Open Finance with TecBan in Brazil 

Ozone API and TecBan have provided more than 20 banks with the tools they need to implement standards-compliant open finance APIs and create new revenue streams. 

Katie Hayes
18, Jan 2023

Ozone API’s 2023 Open Finance Predictions

Ozone API’s three co-founders Chris Michael, Huw Davies and Freddi Gyara share their top seven predictions for open finance in 2023.

Ozone API
04, Jan 2023

Will open finance be the catalyst for an Inclusion Revolution?

Ozone API Co-founder and CCO, Huw Davies, believes that we are about to experience an inclusion revolution with major benefits for both financial institutions and tens of millions of people. Read on to find out why.

Huw Davies
11, Jul 2022

Building an open standard

A brief history of how the UK open banking standard was created by the industry, for the industry, open by design and open source.

Chris Michael
23, Sep 2021

Monese explains why Open Banking is much more than just a compliance exercise and the huge potential it represents for their customers

As different regions are adopting their own open banking standards, delivering open APIs has gained extra layers of complexity. We believe open banking doesn’t have to be complex.

Ozone API
25, May 2021